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BBA         School Board Powers, Responsibility and Authority
BBA_E       --Exhibit: Goals for Student Achievement
BBAA        Board Member Authority and Responsibility
BBBA        Board Member Qualifications
BBBB        Board of Directors
BBBC_BBBD   Board Member Attendance, Resignation-Removal and Replacement
BBBE        Unexpired Term Fulfillment-Vacancies
BC          School Board Member Conduct
BC_R        --Regulation
BCA_E       --Exhibit:  Board Member Code of Ethics
BCB         School Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCC         Global Governance
BDA         Board Organizational Meeting
BDB         School Board Officers
BDF         Advisory Committees
BDFB        Career and Technical Advisory Council
BDFC        Preschool Council
BDFD        District Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory Council
BE          School Board Meetings
BEAA        Electronic Participation in School Board Meetings
BEC         Executive Sessions
BEDA        Notification of School Board Meetings
BEDA_E      --Exhibit: Calendar Dates for 2019 Regular Meetings
BEDB        Agenda
BEDD        Rules of Order
BEDF        Voting Method
BEDG        Minutes
BEDH        Public Participation at School Board Meetings
BG          School Board Policy Process
BGA         Policy Implementation
BGB         Delegation to the District Superintendent
BID_BIE     School Board Member Compensation, Expenses-Insurance-Liability

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