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IA          Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives
IC_ICA      School Year School Calendar Instruction Time
IGA         Curriculum Development
IGD         Curriculum Adoption
IGF         Curriculum Review
IHA         Basic Instructional Program
IHA_R       --Regulation
IHAM        Health Education
IHAM_R      --Regulation
IHAMA       Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
IHAMB       Family Life Sex Education
IHAMB_R     --Regulation
IHAMC       HIV-AIDS Education
IHAMC_R     --Regulation
IHBB        Gifted and Talented Education
IHBD        Compensatory Education (Title I)
IHBEA       English Language Learners
IHBG        Home Schooling
IHBIB       Primary Preprimary Education
IJ          Instructional Resources and Materials
IJJ         Textbook Selection and Adoption
IJK         Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IJL         Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IJNDAB      Instruction through Online Courses
IJNDB       School Website Publishing
IJNDB_R     --Regulation
IJOA        Field Trips
IKA         Assessment Systems
IKA_E       --Exhibit 1:  Opt out Form (2019)
IKA_E2      --Exhibit 2:  State Assessment Schedule (2018)
IKA_R       --Regulation
IKAB        Report Cards Progress Reports
IKE         Ensuring All Students Meet Standards
IKF         Graduation Requirements 
IKF_E       --Exhibit
IKFB        Graduation Exercises
ILBA        District Program Assessments
ILBB        State Program Assessments
ILBC        Literacy and Reading Comprehension Assessments (Third Grade Literacy)
IMB         Teaching about Controversial Sensitive Issues
IMBB        Exemptions from Required Instruction
IMDA        Patriotic Exercises
IMDB        Flag Displays

ADA Compliant
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