Policy J:   STUDENTS

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JB          Equal Educational Opportunities
JBB         Sexual Harassment
JEA         Compulsory Attendance Ages
JF          Admission and Denial of Admission
JF_E1       --Exhibit 1
JF_E2       --Exhibit 2
JF_R        --Regulation
JFAB        Continuing Enrollment of Students Who Become Nonresidents
JFABB       Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign Exchange Students
JFABD       Homeless Students
JFABD_R     --Regulation
JFBB        Inter-District Choice-Open Enrollment
JFBB_R      --Regulation
JFC         Student Withdrawal from School-Dropouts
JFC_R       --Regulation
JGA         Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels
JH          Student Absences and Excuses
JHB         Truancy

JIC         Student Conduct
JICA        Student Dress Code
JICC        Student Conduct in School Vehicles
JICDA       Code of Conduct
JICDA_E     --Exhibit
JICDD       Violent and Aggressive Behavior
JICDE       Bullying Prevention and Education
JICEA       School-Related Student Publications
JICEA_R     --Regulation
JICEC       Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials
JICEC_R     --Regulation
JICF        Secret Societies-Gang Activity
JICF_R      --Regulation
JICH        Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICH_R      --Regulation
JICI        Weapons in School
JICI_E      --Exhibit
JICJ        Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices
JIE_JIG     Pregnant-Married Students
JIH         Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
JIHB        Parking Lot Searches
JII         Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
JII_R       --Regulation

JJ          Student Activities (Cocurricular and Extracurricular)
JJA_1       Student Organizations
JJA_2       Student Organizations Open Forum (Secondary Schools)
JJA_2_R     --Regulation
JJC         School Displays
JJF         Student Activities Funds
JJH         Student Travel
JJIB        Interscholastic Sports
JJJ         Extracurricular Activity Eligibility
JJJ_R       --Regulation

JK          Student Discipline
JK_2        Discipline of Students with Disabilities
JK_R        --Regulation
JKA         Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint
JKA_E       --Exhibit
JKA_R       --Regulation
JKBA        Disciplinary Removal from Classroom
JKBA_R      --Regulation
JKD_JKE     Suspension-Expulsion of Students
JKD_JKE_E   Grounds for Suspension-Expulsion 2013
JKD_JKE_R   --Regulation
JKF         Educational Alternatives for Expelled Students
JKF_R       --Regulation
JKG         Expulsion Prevention

JLA         Student Insurance Programs
JLCA        Physical Examinations of Students
JLCB        Immunization of Students
JLCB_R      --Regulation
JLCC        Communicable-Infectious Diseases
JLCD        Administering Medications to Students
JLCD_E1     --Exhibit 1
JLCD_E2     --Exhibit 2
JLCD_E3     --Exhibit 3
JLCD_E4     --Exhibit 4
JLCD_R      --Regulation
JLCDA       Students with Food Allergies
JLCDB       Administration of Medical Marijuana to Qualified Students 190225
JLCE        First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
JLCE_E      --Exhibit
JLCE_R      --Regulation
JLDAC       Screening-Testing of Students (and Treatment of Mental Disorders)
JLDAC_E     --Exhibit
JLDBH       Suicide or Other Traumatic Loss of Life
JLF         Reporting Child Abuse, Child Protection
JLF_R       --Regulation
JLIB        Student Dismissal Precautions
JLIB_R      --Regulation
JLJ         Physical Activity

JN          Community Service
JQ          Student Fees, Fines and Charges
JRA_JRC     Student Records-Release of Information on Students
JRA_JRC_E1  --Exhibit 1
JRA_JRC_E2  --Exhibit 2
JRA_JRC_E3  --Exhibit 3
JRA_JRC_R   --Regulation
JRCA        Sharing of Student Records-Information between School District and State Agencies
JS          Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications
JS_E        --Exhibit

ADA Compliant
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