La Veta Schools used the Colorado State Model Evaluation System



With just over 200 students attending the La Veta Re-2 School District the only distinction between the two schools is student age or skill level provided accommodations.  Each grade comprises one entire class while still maintaining small class sizes.  Annual budget allocation of state and local resources is established per class and specific to that educator salary, materials required for that class size, and accommodations that attach to individual students.  Administration, support, and ancillary programming is included; all without regard to supplemental or federal funding.

ADA Compliant
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Executive Secretary Leslee Miller                                719-742-6417 – Desk

719-742-6405 – Attendance Line

Executive Secretary Julia Shrout                             719-742-6454- Desk

Superintendent Bree Lessar                                       719-742-6416 – Desk     719-989-1301 – Mobile

Elementary Principal Denise Locke                    719-742-6440 – Desk    404-932-2969 – Mobile

JH Principal Chris Locke                                            719-742-6443 – Desk     405-312-2015 – Mobile

Director of Student Services Rick Sciacca          719-742-6421 – Desk  719-250-9175 – Mobile

Athletic Director Greg King  719-742-6439 – Desk

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